Welcome to the Cardiology Private Practice of Barbara K. Lipton, MD, where quality care and personalized service is the goal. The following Cardiology services are provided:

Cardiology Services

Cardiology Consultations with ongoing followup care and treatment by Dr. Lipton

Echocardiography, including 2D and 3D Transthoracic and Stress

24 hour Holter Monitoring

Special Interests

women's heart health

congestive heart failure

valvular heart disease


coronary artery disease

atrial fibrillation (afib) and other cardiac arrhythmias

cardiac complications and side effects of cancer chemotherapy

Facilities and Equipment

IAC Accredited Echocardiography - 2 dimensional, M-mode and full Doppler and LIVE 3D capabilities

Exercise Stress Echocardiography - using treadmill exercise

24 hour Holter Monitoring

Private Practice Setting

All examinations, consultations, and studies are performed in a private office setting where patients receive highly individualized attention.

Dr. Lipton personally sees every patient, reviews his or her resting and stress studies and performs the exercise stress test.

She is available to discuss all cases and test results with referring health care professionals.

For patients requiring a type of testing not available in her office, Dr. Lipton has access to highly specialized care at first class hospitals, where she also admits and treats her patients.